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Your customers deserve the very best auto service experience. Your team deserves a work environment free of stress and chaos. Your dealership deserves an efficient service drive that contributes to increased gross sales and net-profit dollars. Let's talk about the simple techniques to accomplish these goals.

Don Andres

Owner & President

Meet Don Andres
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I am deeply passionate about helping automotive service leaders and teams excel, embrace challenges, and achieve both personal and profitable growth. Witnessing talented individuals surpass their own expectations and achieve remarkable success brings me immense joy.


With more than four decades of experience in the automotive dealership industry, I've held key leadership roles such as General Manager, Fixed Operations Director, and Service Manager for esteemed Top 100 Dealer groups throughout the United States.


For the initial 21 years of my career, I thrived in the demanding Detroit market. In June of 2000, I embarked on a new chapter as the Head of Fixed Operations at #1 Ricart Automotive Group in Columbus, Ohio. At that time, it stood as the largest Ford dealership globally. Subsequently, I ventured into ownership of Auto SCT Consulting & Training. This opened countless doors of profitable collaboration with hundreds of Service Managers, Advisors, Technicians, GMs and Owners, guiding them to achieve both company and personal financial growth.


I love helping people. I love a good conversation. And I love a good challenge. Contact me today to explore how my services can elevate your success trajectory.

Training processes
Customer engagement
Stress free work environment



Service Department Process Improvement

Customized process improvement strategies that help remove the daily stress and chaos that can exist in automotive service departments. This results in increased efficiency and profitability.


Service Department Consulting

Service Management training centered around a culture of top performances by all staff each month, and seeing in real-time when a team member is falling short.


Service Department Training

Tried-and-true techniques that expose where the real growth opportunities exist in a service operation. Simple, yet powerful strategies for long-term growth in gross and net-profit dollars.



"Don is a highly recommended consultant for service managers, technicians, general managers, and owners. He provides insightful advice on the foundational aspects that hinder the growth of service departments and offers practical solutions to overcome these challenges, including emphasis on a customer-centric culture to optimize processes and productivity. Don equips clients with actionable strategies that drive growth."

Christopher Edington

Director of Sales, VinSolutions / for Cox Automotive

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