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Consulting that elevates excellence in your auto dealership service drive, transforming stress into success and growing net profitable sales.


Service Department Process Improvement

Helping you to develop and implement effective service department processes that save time and resources, remove stress and chaos, while maximizing customer satisfaction. I'll work with you to identify areas where you can improve your processes that your employees will believe in, thus creating lasting changes.  


Service Department Consulting

My consulting services are designed to help you optimize your service department operations. I'll work with you to identify areas where you can improve efficiency and profitability based on my 40+ years of experience in the automotive industry, and my strong track record of service gross and net profit growth with each client.


Service Department Training

I provide specialized automotive dealership service department training for management, advisors, and technicians. My training helps you to develop processes and strategies to grow your gross sales and net profits.


For managers, I focus on them watching their operation (not just helping), to see key breakdowns to work flow, employee stress and customer engagement failures. Teaching where to step in to make quick corrections and adjustments so the staff is back to being productive, and hitting their personal goals (where the company really wins).

For advisors, I attack the areas of stress and chaos that plagues service departments, where (in many cases) they may be creating. Once an advisor is organized they are ready to do what they do best which is; engage customers and close deals.

For technicians, I expose the money being left-on-the-table by them just diagnosing and repairing vehicles that arrive every day. I show that the quality of the multipoint inspection decides how productive they can be on a consistent basis, never relying on a customer's memory for future needed repairs and services.

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