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AutoSuccess Executive Spotlight

Executive Spotlight podcast

This podcast, tailor-made for General Managers, Fixed Operations Directors, and Service Managers, dives into the impact of stress and chaos in the service drive. Discover how these factors can derail even the most talented Service Advisors, frustrate Technicians, and leave money on the table for your dealership.

CBT News Executive Profile

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Having a service team that engages customers is crucial for success in that department. Yet, many dealerships are still leaving money on the table by overlooking key opportunities. Learn why in this brief podcast as well as my new book, Why Auto Service Departments Fail to Grow.


Managing Advisor Mistakes

Advisor Retention

Solving the Technician Retention Issue


Auto Success magazine article

March 2024

AutoSuccess Magazine

The No. 1 sales improvement source for the automotive professional

"The true potential lies in recognizing the nuanced art of quality inspections and leveraging it to drive success for both advisors and technicians."

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