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I've been the frustrated Service Advisor, overwhelmed by the daily stress and chaos of the busy service drive. I've been the Service Manager who creates the stress. And I've been the Service Director, Fixed Ops Executive and General Manager who was fortunately able to get out of my own way, see my contribution to the culture of chaos, and become the leader of change who ultimately drove long-term stability, increased net profits, and sustained growth. Few leaders have "cracked the code" on why their service department is failing to grow despite their best efforts. In my book, Why Auto Service Departments Fail to Grow, I share the real reasons for failure and the simple, tried-and-true techniques for consistent, profitable growth.

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Ed Roberts leadership author
Les Silver leader in Service industry
Christopher Edington leader in auto sales industry
Joel Furno industry leader in manpower partnerships

Ed Roberts, Author of Mile One: An Endless Journey to Effective Leadership

and COO of Bozard Lincoln Ford

"Fail to Grow is a comprehensive, insightful must-read for any general manager or business owner looking to unlock the full potential of their service department. Drawing from nearly 5 decades of hands-on experience and consulting, Don's expertise shines through in every page, making his book an indispensable resource for anyone seeking to optimize their operations and propel their business forward in today's market."

Les Silver, Founder of Newgen Results, MPi and Executive Chairman of Dynatron Software

"I've had the privilege of working with thousands of dealerships and service and parts professionals trying to unravel the secrets of sustained growth in fixed operations. In Fail to Grow, Don captures the essence of what it really takes to succeed - a culture of excellence and exceptional service that goes well beyond the numbers on the financial statement, delivering a true win-win outcome for the business and staff."

Christopher Edington, Director of Sales, VinSolutions /, Cox Automotive

"I highly recommend Fail to Grow for every auto service manager, technician, general manager and owner. Don's emphasis on the importance of leading a customer-centric culture, optimizing technician productivity, and streamlining processes is the perfect,        spot-on advice... backed by simple, actionable strategies to drive growth."

Joel Furno, Founder & CEO, Citrin

"Fail to Grow is my go-to book! Don is a phenomenal storyteller, an authentic leader, and a national expert in the field of fixed operations, and his book is a super-valuable resource for any well-intentioned service manager who is struggling with the day-to-day stress, chaos, and ability to grow their teams and profits."

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